Akash Roy
Hey, my name is Akash Roy and this is my portfolio. I’m an India based software developer with 8+ months in the field. I am currently working with TransW3cSynergy as a dot net developer. My main job is to analyze requirements and user stories for intelligent development into finished software tools as well as website develpment. I consider myself a problem solver. When there are new tasks or something in production goes off track and the answer is not readily available, my goal is to find the simplest and most efficient solution. Many of those times old fashioned research and new technologies come in handy. I work well under pressure. The company holds constant pressure over its software project teams, and I’ve worked on up to four projects at a time in parallel. My strength relies in C Sharp coding for the various Microsoft.Net technologies including Winforms, ASP.NET etc. Complimenting this knowledge, I possess programming experience in Coding, analyzing the requirements, HTML, Javascript, and CSS for web pages. I consider these three websites my top achievements in my current job: 1. http://virtualcommunitycentral.com/ 2. http://www.feedemsoup.org/ 3. http://bdmi.org/ Specialties ASP.Net, C#,dot net framework 3.5,-4.0, MVC3,AJAX, Telerik, SQl Server,LINQ, ADO.Net, Javascript/CSS/HTML
Available for freelance